19th April 2020, 12.00 PM (GMT) // NEW DEADLINE: 24th May 2020, 12.00 PM (GMT) //All the submissions sent after this time shouldn’t be considered.


Before sending the application, please read Terms and Conditions and all the rules of this open call. It is understood that at the time the artists submit their application, they agree to all of them.

Entry requirements

✽ Individuals and collectives // No age limits (+18) // Site specific artworks // All the fields of art // No specific theme.


✽ Submitting artists are committed to create an artwork that will be located in Lozio and donated to the Municipality of Lozio.


✽ There are some tales, which come from suggestions of local stories and traditions, to help the artists to enter in the atmosphere of the residence and of the place. These are only a starting point to think about it, discovering the culture of this village. Artists aren’t forced to work on these characters and on the linked themes, but they are free to realize their artwork as they want. The artwork should create a connection between their style and the territory.


✽ Interested artists can request a general bibliography on Lozio and Valle Camonica (the suggested books are in Italian) via mail to Some of these books can be consulted in the residence’s library.


The residence programme takes place in Valle di Lozio, under the magnificent mountains of middle Valle Camonica – northern Italy. Here, there is the little village of Lozio, where the traditions and the connection with the territory are still strong.

Collaboration opportunities

Interested artists can work within Casa-Museo della Gente di Lozio. It is an ethnographic museum that collects typical objects of mountain and peasant culture, but also some of the contemporary artworks created during the residence programme.

Artists can also work with the local community and other organisations of Lozio.


Among local organisations of Lozio, there are:


✽ G.E.L. – Gruppo Escursionisti di Lozio

✽ G.I.A.N. Gruppo Italiano Amici della Natura – Sezione di Lozio

✽ Gruppo Alpini – Sezione di Lozio

✽ I Musicanti

✽ Pro Loco Valle di Lozio

Management and duration

✽ Residence will take place in July and August 2020. The final presentation of all the artworks should take place on October 2020 and that of the catalogue of falía* 2020 on May 2021.


✽ Minimum 2 weeks – Maximum 4 weeks // The residence period should be agreed upon the selection time.


✽ The maximum period of permanence could last more, if the residence staff agree it upon artist’s needs.


✽ Artists will have for free:


room with an accommodation, a kitchen, a bathroom and wi-fi;

a space of work;

a weekly budget of 50 euro for food;

a sum to cover partial costs for the materials and/or for the co-production of the artwork (each project will be evaluated by the Committee, which will define the different amounts due to each artist);

one catalogue.


✽ Collectives’ weekly budget is composed of a standard weekly budget for an artist + 50% of it for any other member of the collective.


✽ Artists can freely suggest and/or propose sponsorship, partnership and/or any other form of contribution in order to support the co-production of the project. Any new partners must be submitted to the Committee for approval, if it is possible, during the submission of the application. Upon agreement with the organizers of the Residence, the new partners, that have been definitively approved, will be offered the opportunity to be included in the Colophon of the website, in the official communication and/or in the catalogue of the artworks.


✽ The only things that the residence programme doesn’t cover during the artist’s stay are the travel expenses, the medical insurance and any other extras.


✽ The artworks will be set up within Casa-Museo della Gente di Lozio or in any other place upon agreement with the residence staff and its possible owners. The artworks that have to be set outdoors will be set up into an area, upon agreement with the residence staff, the Municipality and its possible owners. This kind of artworks must respect the surrounding environment and security laws.


✽ The photo series must include both the printed artwork – of all the photo or some of them – in any form and installation, and the complete series of all the photo which will be part of the digital archive of the residence.


✽ Artists will be guided into the discover of Lozio and Valle Camonica during their residence. Artists can ask to residence staff any other visits on the territory linked to their artworks’ themes.


✽ Artists can request the possibility of hosting guests for a fee, upon agreement with the residence staff. If it is not possible to host them into the residence building, the staff will help to find another suitable accommodation for them.


✽ Selected artists should donate a book to create an artists’ library into the residence programme.


✽ Selected artists have to enrol in the organisation falía* to participate in the residence programme. It is understood that all the artists can enrol to the organisation to benefit from all services reserved to its members.


✽ Interested artists should fill in the online form and send all the requested documentation to Subject: Submission residence programme 2020.


✽ The mail has to contain these attachments:


a copy of artist’s ID;



a project’s draft which should contain also a plan of materials and budget.


Applications must contain all the requested documentation to enter the selection mode.


✽ The documentation must be in Italian or in English.

Selection mode

✽ All the submission will be considered by the Artistic Committee. Later, a selected group of artists will be presented to the Selection Committee to decide the final group of artists.


✽ Within the second week of June 2020, it will be communicated the official list of selected artists.


✽ All the portfolio will enter into the residence digital archive and they can be consulted by the members of the Committee in order to propose possible collaborations or projects, also promoted by the organisation itself.


✽ The Artistic Committee is composed of:


Matteo Galbiati, curator and art critic. He regularly writes on the art magazines Titolo and Espoarte, of which he has been web director since 2013. He collaborates with galleries and public and private spaces for the realization of exhibitions and artistic and cultural events. He teaches at the SantaGiulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia and he regularly holds conferences and art courses for public and private institutions. He has been one of the curators of the San Fedele Artivisive Prize in Milan since 2004.


Thomas Scalco, visual artist who participated in falía* 2019. He participated to various art prizes and awards. Among other, he exhibited at G.A.M. in Verona, at Fondazione Zoli in Forlì and at Villa Contemporanea in Monza.


Alice Vangelisti, creator and curator of the residence programme. She graduated in Art’s Didactics for Museum in 2016 and she specialized in Communication and Didactics of Art in 2019 at the SantaGiulia Academy of Brescia, with a thesis on the phenomenon of artistic residences under the supervision of Alessandro Mancassola. She collaborates with online art magazines Espoarte and Smart Review. She has been a member of the board of directors of the Borgo degli Artisti Association in Bienno since 2019.


✽ The Selection Committee is composed both of the members of the Artistic Committee and of the members of main local partners.


✽ Selection criterions will consider artist’s proposal, past artworks and artist’s motivation to get in touch with this reality.


✽ Artworks will be chosen at the incontestable discretions of the Committee.

Terms and Conditions

✽ The artist grants the exhibition of his/her artwork in a place to be defined in the Municipality of Lozio, to which it will be donated. The Municipality and the residence staff are therefore committed to the conservation and enhancement of the artwork.


✽ The artist should have some mountains’ knowledge to participate in the possible mountain excursions.


✽ The artists take responsibility for the spaces employed during the residence time and after this period these must be as they were delivered. For this reason, the artist has to pay a symbolic deposit of 100 euros on the day of their arrival, which will be returned at the end of the period of residence, if no damage has been done to the spaces and the structure.


✽ The artist is in charge of cleaning and tiding up of his/her accommodation and working spaces, with a sensibility of cohabitation and of spaces’ sharing.


✽ The artist has no working hours, but he/she can organise his/her days according to his/her own convenience. The only limitation is the respect of the artwork’s creation, that should be completed at the end of the residence’s time. Residence could last longer, only according to the residence staff.


✽ In order to promote and collect the residence activities, the artist allows to take some photos and record some videos, which will be used on the website and social networks.


✽ Respecting the integrity of the artwork and of the artist, the artist allows to use the original artwork – or some parts of it – for promotional purposes.


✽ The artist coming from EU can use medical services in Italy. However, it is preferable to get a private health insurance. The non-EU artist must have a private health insurance. It is recommended to send a copy of it to the residence staff after the selection. In any case, the artist exempts the residence staff from any health-related problems. The residence staff doesn’t assume any responsibility for any medical expenses.


✽ The artist takes sole responsibility for resolving any third party’s claims of infringement of rights and/or claim of damages. The residence staff shall not be held accountable in the event of any dispute.


✽ The artist states that the artwork’s contents do not violate the human rights. Anyway, the artist exempts the residence staff from any responsibility on the contents of the works, which will be shown in public spaces and will be visible to all ages.


✽ By participating in this open call, the artist agrees to subscribe to the newsletter of the residence and of the association. This subscription can be deleted at any time.


✽ The personal data provided by the artist will be used only for communications relating to the residence programme.


✽ The personal data won’t be disclosed to third party without the agreement of the interested party. This information could be disclosed to a third party only when it is strictly connected with the residence’s working and management.