The Artistic Committee, composed of Matteo Galbiati, Thomas Scalco and Alice Vangelisti, in collaboration with Claudio Canossi, Mascia Daldosso, Marinella Guassoldi and Francesco Regazzoli, has selected the following artists to participate in falía* 2020.

Athanasios Aléxo


Thessaloniki (Greece), 1987

Nicola Ballarini


Lovere – BG, 1986

Special Project 2020

Lidia Bianchi


Sezze – LT, 1992

Isabel Consigliere


Genova, 1968

Arteam Cup 2019

Visual artist, who explores different techniques and languages. In his artistic research, the study, the polymorphic connections, the different ways of expression and the creative curiosity are fundamental to begin the process of consciousness and to investigate theoretical or visual stereotypes through listening, observation and thought.

Visual artist, who works with different media,mainly including  drawing, video and scenographic installation. His artistic research is hanging in the balance between a formal and conceptual maximalism and minimalism.

Visual artist and photographer, whose practice is on the search for an elsewhere inherent in the contemporaneity, whose photographic image proves to be revealing.

Visual artist, whose practice focuses on sculpture, which she uses to investigate emotions, the interiority of the human being, the relationship between human soul and that of the world. She uses fragile and transparent materials, such as paper, water, vegetables, fabrics and wax.

Cédric Dasesson


Cagliari, 1984

Marco Emmanuele


Catania, 1986

Photo by Elisa Tasca

Giulia Fumagalli


Carate Brianza – MI, 1990

Ilaria Margutti


Modena, 1971

Arteam Cup 2019

Photographer, whose approach to photography allowed him to develop an investigation process on the territory and on the contemporary landscape. The analysis tools with which he works are based on the identification and description of a method that leads to the absolute synthesis of the elements. His artistic research focuses on a process in continuous exploration of the territory, of its anthropic and natural dynamics.

Visual artist, whose research focuses on the idea of ​​debris, the residual elements which are the witness of the human attitude towards the colonization of places, but also of an entropic process of returning to nature. His most recent practice focuses on the performance and on the design of drawing machines, devices that show the interference between human and machine.

Visual artist, whose research harmoniously connects the most sensitive aspects to the formal dimension. She develops her artistic practice through materials such as Plexiglas, films and wood. Her artworks relate to the space and to the public, who  often has to interact with them.

Visual artist, whose practice focuses on an introspective investigation, using embroidery as a fundamental element of her research to enclose a series of symbolic meanings linked to the origins of the feminine and to identity.

Aran Ndimurwanko


Trento, 1991

Annalisa Pisoni Cimelli


Genova, 1981

Visual artist, whose practice focuses on the use of terracotta, wood and stone, preferring recycled materials. His most recent research focuses on form, with a particular focus on verticality, essentials and harmony between materials.

Visual artist, whose research focuses on the body. In particular, her artistic practice focuses on the relationship between the body and a physical landscape and an imprinted memory, intended as  a primordial memory and an exploration of an original eroticism.