A project by Associazione falía*


falía* is a cultural organization created to foster connections between art, culture and territory. It aims to:

* establish a dialogue between contemporary art, culture and territory;

* promote the development of young contemporary artists;

* support the work of national and international artists;

* create a network of project based on collaboration and contamination of ideas and experiences;

* enhance the material and the immaterial heritage of Valle Camonica through contemporary art;

* develop projects, events and exhibitions based on contemporary art and culture.

*Alice Vangelisti

Creator and curator


She lives and works between Brescia and the Camonica Valley, her homeland. She graduated in Art’s Didactics for Museum in 2016, and she graduated in the Master of Communication and Art’s Didactics in 2019 at the SantaGiulia Fine Art’s Academy in Brescia, with Alessandro Mancassola as supervisor. She’s a co-worker of the magazine Espoarte.