falía*. It’s a spark that can start a fire. It’s the spark coming from the territory, from its history, from its culture. It’s the spark of the past, that spreads across the present and turns on the great fire of the future. It’s the contemporary art’s spark, that lights memories from the past in order to re-discover themselves.

The residence takes place in the Lozio Valley, under the beautiful mountains of the middle Camonica Valley. Artists will live and work in the heart of the small and characteristic village of Lozio, where traditions and the link to territory and nature are still very strong.

falía* is a residence that aims to build a bridge between contemporary art and territory, along with all the meanings it brings along. So the residence is waiting for artists, who want to live and work for a preset time in the Lozio Valley. In this way, falía* wants to enhance and promote contemporary art practices linked to territory, traditions and culture of this land. That’s why the residence provides accommodation for artists: so, they can breathe deeply this lands, they can be influenced and inspired in the creation of the site specific artworks.


Individuals and collectives
No age limits (+18)
Site specific artworks
July - September 2024
Accomodation and space of work for free
Minimum 2 weeks - Maximum 6 weeks